Joe Brady, song

Pat McGonigle (James Eoghain), singing in English
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Well I am a bold undaunted youth Joe Brady is my name
From the chapel of North Anne Street one morning as I came
All to my surprise who should I spy but Moreno and Cockade
Says one unto the other now here comes our Fenian blade

Well I do not know the reason why they ordered me to stand
Nor I do not know the reason why they gave me the command
But when I saw James Carey there I knew I was betrayed
I'll face death before dishonour and I’ll die a Fenian blade

Well they marched me up North Anne Street all on a summer’s day
As the people passed me on the path they gazed all in dismay
My sister cried I see you Joe if old Mallon he grants me leave
Keep up your heart for Ireland like a true born Fenian blade

Well it happened in the Phoenix Park all in a summer’s day
Lord Cavendish and Burke came out for to see the polo play
James Carey gave the signal and his handkerchief he waved
Then he gave the information against our Fenian blades

It was in Kilmainham Prison the Invicibles were hung
Mrs Kelly she stood there in mourning all for her darling son
She threw back her shawl and she says to all though he fills a lime pit grave
My son was no informer and he died a Fenian blade