Jimmy Leeburn, song

Jim McGonigle (James Eoghain), singing in English
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Oh Jimmy Leeburn it is my name
Near Glasgow I was born
My home and habitation
I now must leave in scorn
From my home and habitation
I now must gang awa
Far frae those hills and bonnie dales
Of Caledonia

It being on a Monday morning
Just by the break of day
When the turnkey came up to us
These words I heard him say
Rise up you heartless convicts
Rise up ye one and all
For this is the day you must stray
From Caledonia

Sure we arose put on our clothes
Our hearts were filled with grief
Our friends they gathered around our coach
Could grant us no relief
Our friends were gathered round our coach
Their grief was filled in twa
For to see us leave those bonnie hills
Of Caledonia

Farewell unto my mother
I’m vexed for what I’ve done
And I hope no one will tell to her
The race that I have run
I hope she will be provided for
When I am far awa‘
Far frae those hills and bonnie dells
Of Caledonia

Farewell unto my father
We were the best of men
And likewise to my old sweetheart
My Kathleen of the glen
The next place that we will meet again
I hope it will be above
Where Alleluia will be sung
There’ll be no tales of love

There’ll be no earthly jury men
But the One will judge us all
He’ll make them repent for the ones they sent
From Caledonia