James Plumroy, song

Jimmy Houten, singing in English
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Oh it’s James Plumroy the farmer ......
He courted pretty Bessie the flower of Abbey’s Vale
Now they were crossed by jealousy and them bound by an oath
To live and love together till death would part them both

Oh Bessie wrote a letter and sent it to her love
Deciding on that very night to meet her in the wee grove
But little did she think or such things run in his breast
She dressed herself in man’s appearance how gaily she was dressed

‘Twas when he saw her coming he called out who goes there
Oh yes it is your brother coming to meet you here
Well if you are my brother your butcher I will be
You never will enjoy her or live to trouble me

It was a loaded pistol he took all in his hand
All for to shoot his brother as yous may understand
He fired at his brother which made his Bessie fall
And in her tender bosom he lodged that fatal ball

It’s when she did receive it she fell unto the ground
Saying Jimmy lovely Jimmy how could you give the wound
See how the streams of scarlet blood from her deadly wounds does flow
Oh cruel-hearted lover how could you sell me so

It’s when he saw her dying he fell into despair
And then another pistol for himself he did prepare
Saying Bessie lovely Bessie I will die for love of you
So a warning take young people beware of  jealousy