James McGee, song

Jimmy Grant, singing in English
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Oh James McGee they do call me and the same I won’t deny
Far from my native country I was obliged to fly
I was reared up with my grandfather of me he took great care
Six years in Dublin I was taught in the highest academy

Oh my learning might have served a knight or a lad of high degree
I had one aunt one only aunt she was all I had alive
She got married man to an Orange man these plans they did contrive
They thought to swear my life away least hanged I would be
And they would become the only heir over all my property

When the day of the trial did come on at the green till she stood
Saying gentlemen of the jury on him you mainly hold
For last Tuesday night at twelve o’clock my husband’s gun he stole

And when my sentence it was passed the judge to me did say
Young man I can’t excuse you she has swore so bitterly
You must leave your houses and free land your sorrow to bewail
You must leave your wife and family and sail for New South Wales

It’s not the leaving of my houses nor land I am going to shed one tear
But the leaving of my wife and family that’s not come into years
May the curse of me and my poor wife and six childer small
Lie down you oul’ Kate McGee or my aunt as should you call