The home I left behind, song

James Barron, singing in English
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Farewell to dear old Ireland the land where I was born
Its hills and dales and flowery vales I ne’er can cease to mourn
Often times it grieves my heart and leaves me a troubled mind
When I think of dear old Ireland and the home I left behind.

I was reared now on a mountainside close by a silvery stream
I oft times picture in my mind in my memory thoughts and dreams
Lovely Rose that darling girl oft times I called her mine
No wonder that my heart did grieve for the home I left behind.

When I was leaving Ireland I did bid my friends adieu
Standing on the bridge of Barnesmore the country around to view
I viewed around old Ardnawark where I spent many happy times
‘Twas there I took the last long look at the home I left behind.

Early next morning with a sad and broken heart
Standing at my father’s door I said we now must part
With my mother’s arms around my neck the tears her eyes did blind
I stole out from her arms in the home I left behind.

When I was leaving Ireland I viewed those hills once more
‘Twas there I parted with my friends at the crossroads of Barnesmore
And as I viewed around each glen many thoughts ran in my mind
And the saddest though among them all was for the home I left behind.

Well I went along the way till I came to Derry Quay
Where I seated as a passenger bound for Americay
To cross the wide Atlantic or to some foreign clime
I bade farewell to Ireland and the home I left behind.