The hiring fair, song

Jimmy Grant, singing in English
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As I roved down through Antrim Town
Through Antrim town I took my way
Where all around the road was clad
With lads and bonnie lasses gay

Sure I espied one amongst them all
How lonely she walked by herself
For fear the rain would her gown stain
I shared with her my umbrell‘

Says I my lass how do you do
Or have you travelled far
For Antrim town kind sir I’m bound
You know it is the hiring day

Says I my lass will you accept
A glass of brandy ale or wine
We’ll have a glass before we part
And we’ll be in about hiring time

She gave consent and in we went
Unto an alehouse by the way
Glass after glass did merrily pass
Till she forgot her hiring day

The  clock struck three she smiled at me
She says young man the fault is thine
I’m here alone and I’m far from home
And besides I missed my hiring day

Oh never fret my dearest dear
I don’t intend to harm you
For marriage I intend to try
For baker lads they all prove true

Kind sir to marry sure I am too young
Besides my ma has none but me
But I’ll comply I’ll never deny
I’ll marry before hired I’ll be

So we drank a round with mirth and fun
And we got married the very next day
And every now and then she would say
I’m glad I missed the hiring day