The green mossy banks of the Lee, song

Margaret McEleney, singing in English
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I late took a notion to wander
Curiosity caused me to roam
I came to this country a stranger
And left Philadelphia my home.

I lately sailed o’er to old Ireland
Where the forms of great beauty do shine
It was there I spied a fair maiden
I wish in my heart she was mine.

I stepped up and bid her good morning
As her cheeks they did blush like the rose
I said your green meadows are charming
And your gardener I’ll be if you choose.

She said sir I don’t want a gardener
Young man you’re a stranger to me
See yonder my father is coming
Over the green mossy banks of the Lee.

I waited til up came her father
And summoned my courage once more
Saying kind sir if this is your daughter
This beautiful girl I adore.

Ten thousand a year is my fortune
And a lady your daughter will be
She will ride in her coaches and horses
Over the green mossy banks of the Lee.

They welcomed me home to their cottage
Soon after in wedlocks to join
To view the American mainland
Some pleasure and comfort to seek.

With my beautiful charming Eliza
From the green mossy banks of the lee.