Glenarm Bay, song

Packie McGonigle, singing in English
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It was on a mild September morn the weather it being warm
It had been my luck to stray along the bay of sweet Glenarm
For the yellow corn was waving bright and everything looked gay
And the blue waves washed the pebbles white along Glenarm Bay.

It was there I espied a charming maid a maid both young and gay
And the sun arose it brighter shone as she appeared that day
I stepped up to this fair young maid and this to her did say
What brings you here so early dear along Glenarm Bay.

She answered me right modestly what makes you ask me so
There’s nothing brings young women here but all young men do know
It is the love of you my dear she answered modestly
Sure a manly man won’t annoy me along Glenarm Bay.

Says I my dear you must not fear your request I won’t deny
If you but knew the pain of love that in my heart does lie
You must surely take me as your love and name the happy day
And cure the wound that you caused me along Glenarm Bay.

Says I my dear if you’re sincere here is my heart and hand
And I’ll never forget the happy morn that we met along the strand
And when old age comes rolling on and our locks are turning grey
We will always mind the happy morn we met along the Bay.

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