The girl I left behind, song

John Grant (Daniel), singing in English
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Come all you handsome comely maids lives near Carlow dwelling
Beware of young men’s flattering words they say when unto you they’re telling
Beware of the kindest words they say be wise and never mind them
For if you talk 'til the day you die they would leave you behind them.

I was scarcely eighteen years of age when I was broken-hearted
I was deep in love for seven long years when first my jewel I parted
These maidens they wonder why I’m old bid me not to mind them
For he will have more grief than joy for the leaving of you behind him.

In Carlow town I was brought up all free from debt or dangers
When Colonel Reilly listed me to join the Wicklow Rangers
He dressed me up in scarlet red used me most kindly
But still I thought my heart would break for the girls I left behind me.

Oh me and my comrade both walked out one day for recreation
Me and my comrade both walked out to view a lovely station
Me and my comrade both sat down while fair maids sat beside us
And the very first toast we drank going round was to the girls we left behind us.

Right modestly this maid replied I can stay no longer
For if I’m not at home at milking time I’m sure there will be anger
Oh sit down my handsome comrade maid your cows are all in clover
Sit down my pink and be content for your milking days are over.