General Owen Roe, song

Charlie McGonigle (James Eoghain), singing in English
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My name is Maguire my age is nineteen
Many's a fine scrimmage and battle I've seen
Many's a fine battle sure I did undergo
Commanded by the hero called General Owen Roe.

Now Owen Roe he being tired for the want of sleep
He gave a lady five guineas his secret to keep
When she got the money it did tempt her so
She soon brought the cavalry surrounded Owen Roe.

Now when Owen Roe saw them coming he flew to the hall
He tried to escape but he could not at all
Surrounding him they marched him in cold and in snow
But undaunted three cheers cried our hero Owen Roe.

Here's a health to my wife and my children three
My lands and my living sure I leave all to thee
My bridle and saddle to my son I bestow
May he ride with the pride of his father Owen Roe.

Then up galloped his sister she was all dressed in green
With a sword by her side it was pointed and keen
She gave three cheers and away she did go
Saying I'll have revenge for my brother Owen Roe.

Here's a health to Tyrone and long may she reign
Together we fought all in our demesne
We fought them for hours swept them to and fro
Commanded by the hero called General Owen Roe.