The Free State Adjudicator, song

Joe Mulheron, singing in English
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At these oul’ gatherings for years well it always makes it weary
For to hear them oul’ boys sing them old ballads long and dreary
But my mother said son sing there’s nothing would placate her
Little thinking of my fate at the hands of a Free State adjudicator.

Well I practised hard for days songs of love and of Napoleon
Learned that the singer was asked three times the false starts and the loud coughing
I could catch the fear a’ ti’s eye to stop the diddley dee non braver
Then it’s off down to Listowel and the Fleadh Cheoil adjudicator.

In Fermanagh now for years they’ve been plagued by Paddy Tunney
And Brian Murphy in Forkhill would only sing for the big money
But there’s none of them I feared and none of them I favoured
Until I was betrayed by a Free State adjudicator.

He said the Ulster style was wrong and my choice of song was shocking
And my ornamentation nil boys I was going to clock him
This song has been sung by Fenian men the bard John Reilly later
You got that from Christy Moore says the Free State adjudicator.

Up to Dublin he’d been sent for two days intensive training
Buyng Mac Mathuna pints his certificate a gaining
He thought sean nos was the boy who would join the session later
And from Monkstown he emerged an expert adjudicator.

Well the parish priest sung next and I saw my chances fading
And the adjudicator smiled green and brown scapulars round him trailing
And I dropped my carry out my bottle of M
The pioneer pin began to glow on the lapel of the adjudicator.

When Ireland is set free by young men both brave and daring
And Belfast will hold at last a Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann
All informers will be shot every knave and every traitor
And the last song we’ll request from all false hearted adjudicators.