The flower of Corby’s Mill, song

Paddy Hegarty, singing in English
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Oh come all you tender-hearted chaps I hope you’ll lend an ear
And likewise pay attention to these few lines I’ve here
It’s all in praise of a pretty maid I’m going to use my quill
She’s the blooming Rose of Antrim and the flower of Corby’s Mill

It was on the first of June my boys I was heading for the fair
I espied a pretty small maid as she combed up her hair
And as I looked upon her my heart with joy it did fill
She was the blooming Rose of Antrim and the flower of Corby’s Mill

It was all for recreation I went to the fair that day
I didn’t intend to tarry long till I reached Mac Mullan’s Brae
And meeting with some comrades as they arrived there
Ah it’s gently they saluted me you’re welcome to the fair

We went into Mrs Butler’s it’s there we did sit down
The jugs of punch came tumbling in the toast went merrily round
The silver it was plenty and we drank with a right good will
And we toasted a glass to the bonnie wee lass that works in Corby’s Mill

I’ve travelled this country o’er and o’er and parts of England too
I’ve travelled Scotland far and near believe me friends it’s true
I travelled the country o’er and o’er crossed many a hollow and hill
But her equal yet I’ll never forget the flower of Corby’s Mill