Fain Waterloo, song

Caroline Brennan, singing in English
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Fain Waterloo, song (It happened to be on a fine dewy morning …)

This song tells the story of a soldier reuniting with his sweetheart. He tests her fidelity by leading her to believe that he died at the Battle of Waterloo. When she proves herself true, he reveals that he is her sweetheart by showing her the broken token that they shared. 

Versions of this song are quite common in eastern Canada, including Newfoundland. Kenneth Peacock published a version in Songs of the Newfoundland Outports 3 (1965:1014–1015), as did Greenleaf and Mansfield in The Ballads and Sea Songs of Newfoundland (1933:172–173), under the title “The plains of Waterloo.”


With thanks to RTÉ Sound Archives for their digitisation of the Kenneth Goldstein/Aidan O'Hara Reels.