Everyone does it but you, song

Jimmy Doherty (Caitlin), singing in English
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When I was a lad the master would say
My lessons I never had right
He laid on his cane which gave me much pain
For he laid it on with all of his might
He gave me a sum I never had done
When I murmured that’s too hard to do could do
He said you big ass you’re the worst in the class
For everyone’s done it but you

Everyone’s done it but you my dear lad
Everyone’s done it but you
And you’ll be to blame if you don’t do the same
For everyone’s done it but you

One night I was bent on for enjoyment I went
To a friend’s Christmas party or ball
And the young girls there were so charming and fair
That I was enchanted by all
They all wore big bows beneath their little toes
Enjoying a sweet kiss or two
When a sweet lass named Grace
She looked into my face
And said everyone’s done it but you


When the ball it was over straight home to the door
I accompanied this dear little maid
And I made it all right for to meet her next night
Well she wasn’t too hard to persuade
Her promise she kept and not hard to accept
That I was her lover so true
And she said my dear lad I’ll explain to my dad
That everyone’s done it but you


Now ten years have fled since first we got wed
And yet there’s no sign of an heir
Now your sister Kate has a family of eight
And my sister Janie’s got two
And she said dear John there must be something wrong
What are we going to do
The neighbours all say that there’s something astray
Because everyone’s done it but you


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