The evergreen, song

Jim McGonigle (James Eoghain), singing in English
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As I rambled out one evening not far away from home
In a spot in aul Clonmany way down in Inishowen
And as I stood I gazed around as I oft times done before
And it’s called for fine wood the wild woods of Glackmore

I gazed around this lovely spot it’s charming to be seen
And in a spot among the rocks I spied the evergreen
The evergreen’s a pretty tree and she grows so straight and tall
And they are few and far between in dear old Donegal

Oh the thrush and lovely blackbird they tune their notes in spring
They fly about from bower to branch and sweetly they do sing
They fly about from bower to branch they’re charming to be seen
As each of them sing their warbling notes as they top the evergreen

I looked up at yonder mountain it is sometimes called a hill
With a monument on top of it it gives every little rill
A monument that stands so high it’s plain for to be seen
When the west wind blows the Atlantic spray it shades the evergreen

I looked up at yonder valley through every nook and fern
And I notice that old river that runs through Meentagh Glen
It runs along quite smoothly tis charming to be seen
And it nods its head in the river bed that flows by the evergreen

It runs along quite smoothly and through the primrose glen
Until it reaches Meendoran Bridge and there it meets a friend
They both flow on together with every little stream
And it flows down through Clonmany with all its marshy green

But with its plain and fair demesnes there nothing can be seen
Like the charming little valley that grows the evergreen

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