The Election of ‘32, song

Paddy McCallion, singing in English
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On the twenty-third of January nineteen thirty three
De Valera give a second bid for the Free State presidency
His clan call for Donegal was rally hill and dale
Let bygones be gone and vote Fianna Fail.

Now Conglesh refused to answer and as a poll unite
They shouted no surrender dear, we’ll fight until we die
Our townlands and as a state if you will not quail
Though there’s six black sheep amongst us who will vote Fianna Fail.

Now John McDaid and Bradley run for Cosgrave in that part
And with the aid of S they flew in every art
They were reinforced by John James I hear the people say
One laurel for many and the gallant IRA.

Now they sent a man to canvas Tullydish and Owenkillew
But convert these heathen Fenians was a thing they couldn’t do
They rallied round Joe Nocher and as Duffy joined the trail
For to stop that hairy bacon stunts and vote for Fianna Fail.

Then the next attack was launched in Sorn by Mr Paddy Owen’s
He lectured on the price of eggs and the folly of breaking stones
The widow spoke of ninety eight which hardened Paddy’s smile
He had to retreat and none to late he run for Major Myles.

The election is now over and Conglesh has lost the sway
But with the sons of Hegarty sure they’ll rise some other day
With the centre party in advance to screw up Cosgrave’s tale
Sure they hope and pray some future day to block Fianna Fail.