The dole song, song

Joe Mulheron, singing in English
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I worked on the building site I worked on the tools
Ah the lads that I worked with were no bloody fools
But I was paid off with no bonus or wealth
Ah down to Crown Buildings surrendered myself.

Oh I read a big notice that advertised jobs
No mortal men wanted just heroes and gods
Brain surgeons balloonist aye posts there to fill
But the clerk said I lacked education and skill.

I packed up a lunch box and my green dungarees
The training centre at Springtown I went if you please
Ah they taught me to weld there and skills of all kind
Still no bloody job in this town could I find.

So I went to see Percival down in the Strand tech
Every course there on offer I soon did attack
I owned A-levels and I passed HNC
Even motor car maintenance no problem to me.

Ah the next place I went it was up to Magee
To see if Dicky McGowan could educate me
Well I read all the books and they said I’d go far
When I bought the next round down in Andy Cole’s bar.

Then I bought the Times Supplement and I took to the train
And away with the scholars all off to Coleraine
Like a big factory ship oh they soon processed me
Unemployed back in Derry with my first class degree.

When next in Crown Buildings see if you find
Unemployed politicians or a clergy man sign
Well an employed banker or a boss I’d not seen
Oh I think we’re being conned folks do you know what I mean.