Deep Sheephaven Bay, song

Michael McDonald (Mac Tam), singing in English
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Away behind the Rosses hill the sun sinks down to rest
The little birds in their shady groves lay in their peaceful nest
On such an eve through lonesome groves where lovers chance to stray
And fishermen cast out their nets on deep Sheephaven Bay

That night there stood a maiden fair upon a peaceful shore
Her cheeks did bloom like the purple heather round lovely Grainne Mhór
And gently flowing o’er her neck her yellow ringlets play
As the evening sun reflecting back on deep Sheephaven Bay.

And by her side a young man stood of noble looks was he
A stalwart lad both stout and strong his spirits light and free
The glow of health was on his cheeks his spirits light and gay
A lovely son his mother reared on deep Sheephaven Bay.

He took his hand into her own and to his breast he drew
Saying Darling dear it’s nice to know there is but one heart true
And with these words cried youth goodbye he manly rowed away
To toil among the fishermen on deep Sheephaven Bay.

And from the north the wind came forth and strong and long it blew
The seas were washing o’er their decks to a milky bark it grew
The fishermen their hearts were sad for their loved ones far away
Their crafts were wildly tossed about in deep Sheephaven Bay.

A fire was lit on Breacon Head and a light on Downings pier
To welcome back the fishermen to the homes they loved so dear
But there was one who didn’t return he perished in the spray
A darling son her mother reared on deep Sheephaven Bay.

A father mourns his stalwart lad and a mother mourns her son
A sister and a brother too for their dear companion’s gone
But there is one in mourning still she mourns the same today
For her love was lost that stormy night on deep Sheephaven Bay.

Down at the point of bleak Belmore there stands a grey old maid
On long and lonely wintry nights her well-worn tears are shed
While gazing o’er the ocean’s roar she mournfully does pray
For the love she lost that stormy night in deep Sheephaven Bay.

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