Copper John, song

Eddie Butcher ; Michael O’Hara ; Tom Anderson, singing in English
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Oh, Cofer John give me a wink
He says – Come in to you get a drink:
He says to me, – It’s a braw bright day,
Would you hire with me to the twelfth of May?

Copper John’s a civil man,
When he goes to the town he takes a dram,
A civil man when he gets that
He looks so swell in his wee hard hat.

Copper John give me a wink
– Come on in to we hae a drink
Copper John and me set down
He slipped me ower half a crown.
Copper John has a fine young maid
If she leaves me down the bread and tay
I’ll stay with her till the twelfth of May
Spoken: That’s all I know of it.


Copper suggests toughness, and ‘Cofer’ /kofər/ may be for ‘Copper’ / kopər/. These loose verses seem to hint a fuller text, but I know of none. For further discussion of them and of the air, see no 27; for hiring fairs, no 22 and p. 11.