The constant farmer’s son, song

Grace Toland, singing in English
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There were a farmer’s daughter in Limerick town did dwell
She was neat gentile and handsome and her parents loved her well
She was admired by lord and squire but all their hopes were vain
There were only one a farmer’s son young Mary’s heart to gain.

A long time young Willie courted her and appointed the wedding day
Her parents they had give consent but her brothers they did say
There is a lord who’s pledged his word and him you will not shun
For we must slay or else betray your constant farmer’s son.

There were a fair not far from home her brothers went straightway
And they asked young Willie’s company with them to spend the day
The fair was done as night came and the singer’s race was run
With a dagger’s knife they took the life of my constant farmer’s son.

As Mary on her pillow lay she dreamed a dreadful dream
She dreamed she saw her own true love lying in yon crystal stream
As she arose and put on her clothes to seek her love did run
It’s dead and cold she did behold her constant farmer’s son.

As hunger it come on poor girl it’s homewards she straight did go
But to relieve her troubled mind she kissed him over and o’er
She gathered the green leaves from the trees to shield him from the sun
It’s night and day I passed this way with my constant farmer’s son.

And when she reached her native home to her parents she did say
Now parents dear and did yous hear of that dreadful deed was done
In yonder vale lies cold and pale my constant farmer’s son.

Up spoke the youngest brother and he said it was not me
And out then spoke the older one and he swore most bitterly
But Mary says now don’t be raised nor have the lord to shun
For yous done the deed and yous will pay for my constant farmer’s son.

The doctors got the body for them to practice by
But Mary cried both night and day for that dreadful deed was done
In a mad house cell this maid does dwell for her constant farmer’s son

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