Coleraine Town, song

Roseanne McGonigle (Gillespie), singing in English
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In Coleraine town there lived a girl she was handsome young and fair
She was courted by a false young man who drove her to despair.

For six long months he courted her and of her he knew no scorn
She said Will won’t you marry me if ever you return.

To marry you, to marry you that’s a thing I’ll never do
For in Bushmills town there lives a girl that I love more than you.

Go home unto your parents and do the best you can
Then tell them that your Willie dear has proved a false young man.

To go home to my parents and to bring to them disgrace
Sure I’d rather go and drown myself in some dark lonely place.

So she dressed herself in a lily white gown her body to destroy
All for the boy who jilted her,her own true sailor boy.

As Willie went out walking down by the river side
He spied the body of the girl that may have been his bride.

He lifted up her lily white hand and he placed it by her side
The lord have mercy on your soul you might have been my bride.

Farewell to my aged parents to them I bid adieu
For I’m fast asleep in the sunny sunny deep where my young lover lies.