The Castle Queen, song

Joe Doherty (Denery), singing in English
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I have heard of fine beauties since I was a boy
Of the fair Cleopatra and Helen of Troy
But there was one fairer to me it did seem
With grace and with beauty our own Castle Queen.

Her skin was as soft as the fine morning dew
And her dark rolling locks o’er her shoulders it grew
The gleam in her blue keys it would charm a king
And bright was the smile of our own Castle Queen.

She was only sixteen when young Henry so bold
Came and to ask for her hand in sweet wedlock to hold
Since she consented and it’s plain to be seen
Twas the start of the legend of our own Castle Queen.

Next year they got married their hearts became one
In the church of St. Mary’s surrounded by friends
She took his surname and fulfilled his young dream
Then brought back to the Castles his own darling queen.

She bore four lovely daughters and fourteen fine sons
In times when great hardship and poverty was one
Ah but all through her troubles one joy could be seen
Twas the smile on the face of our own Castle Queen.

We grew up and left to make lives of our own
To roam the world over and to build us a home
Each one went their own way to follow a dream
Left sad broken hearted our own Castle Queen.

For seventy-two years she reigned on her throne
She welcomed friends and good neighbours from around Inishowen
Ah but age take its toll now and so it would seem
On the health and the strength of our own Castle Queen.

It’s sad I remember that dark April day
When the lord came to call and take her away
She stole away from us like a heavenly dream
That silver haired mother our own Castle Queen.

The church yard was crowded on that early spring day
As we laid her to rest beneath the cold clay
But I’m sure she looked down from her heavenly scene
As we said goodbye to our own Castle Queen.