Carndonagh far away, song

Owen Kelly, singing in English
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Last night I had a pleasant dream that filled my heart with joy
I dreamed I stood by a mountain straem as oft times when a boy
I fished the port of pleasure pool I watched the brown trout play
Those were the happy days in Carn Carndonagh far away

I saw the hills of Malin stretching east to Bunagee
To the west the strands of Pollan gently sloping to the sea
I saw Culdaff and Lagg fair Strand close to Strabrega Bay
And I knew I was in Carn Carndonagh far away

I saw the little graveyard where my kindred bones are laid
The homely little chapel where I oft times knelt and prayed
The Angelus was ringing and the people stopped to pray
I was home again in Carn Carndonagh far away

I am tired of the city and I’m longing to return
Back again to Carn where the lamps do brightly burn
The dear land of my boyhood I am longing for the day
That’ll bring me back to Carn Carndonagh far away