The Buncrana train, song

Jimmy McBride, singing in English
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Some people like to have a drive
While others like to row
Young people getting up in life
A courting they do go
But if the evening does keep fine
And does not threaten to rain
Sure I’d prefer a trip to Fahan
On the Buncrana train.


For Crockett he’s the driver
And Bonner he’s the guard
And if you have your ticket
All care you can discard
Let you be a fop or a summer swell
To them it’s all the same
For every man must pay his fare
On the Buncrana train.

For localists provocalists
And those that like to sing
I’m sure McGarvey he’ll be there
To dance the highland fling
As for singing and dancing
To him it’s all the same
For he’s the sole musicianer
On the Buncrana train.

We passed Bridgend and reach Burnfoot
And there we make a call
To view that ancient city
And its Corporation Hall
The king of Tory Island
Is a man of widespread fame
His royal carriage is attached
To the Buncrana train.


We go to Fahan to have a dip
And walk along the strand
Then up the road to have a cup
Of coffee at The Stand
The barmaid she is friendly
With her you can remain
Until it’s time for to go back
On the Buncrana train.