The bonny labouring boy, song

Grace Toland, singing in English
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As I roved out one morning fair all in the bloom of spring
I heard a lovely maid complain and cruelly did she sing
Saying cruel were my parents they did me so annoy
For they would not let me tarry with my bonny labouring boy

His cheeks were like the roses red his eyes as black as sloes
He was meek in his behaviour wherever that he goes
He is well sized both neat and wise like a maiden’s chastity
If I had my will I still would be in my love’s company

Said the mother to the daughter why do you stoop so low
To go and marry a labouring boy around the world to go
Some noble lord might fancy you great riches to enjoy
Ah do not throw your life away on a poor labouring boy

Said the daughter to the mother your talk it‘s all in vain
For dukes or knaves or lairds or lords their efforts I would distain
I‘d rather lead a humble life for times to enjoy
And loving him with great respect he‘s my bonny labouring boy

If I had all the money that great men have in store
I would freely bestow it all on the lad I do adore
His beauty so enticed me the same I’ll never deny
In the arms of my bonny boy I would like to live and die

So fill your glasses to the brim let the toast go merrily round
Here’s health to every labouring boy who ploughs and harrows the ground
For when his work it is over it‘s home he’ll come with joy
And happy is the girl that gets a bonny labouring boy

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