Bonnie Mary, song

John McDaid, singing in English
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As Mary and Willie stood on the seashore
They bid for a farewell to take
Says Mary to Willie if you don’t return
I’m afraid that my poor heart will break
Do not be afraid dear Mary he said
As he placed this fair maid by his side
For my wish is don’t mourn for when I return
I will make you bonnie Mary my bride.

Three years have gone past good news comes at last
As Mary stood in her own cottage door
There came round an old man with a patch on his eye
He was to be much pitied I’m sure
Good evening fair maid your charity I crave
And your fortune I’ll tell you besides
The man that you mourn will never return
To make bonnie Mary his bride.

He’s as welcome to me all in poverty
With his jacket all ragged and torn
He’s a welcome to me all my poverty
Than if his pockets were lined with gold
Then the beggar let fly the patch from his eye
The crutches he laid by his side
To the church they’re away by the break of the day
And he’s made bonnie Mary his bride.