The blue tar road, song

Michael McGonigle (James Eoghain), singing in English
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Written by Liam Weldon

I am a true born Irishman a traveller am I
It’s the roads my home no fixed abode I will travel 'til I die
For few men give me camping space and a fewer call me friend
The hard road for the travelling man I will travel 'til the end

Hunger hardship and poverty was the traveller's weary load
Hunger hardship and poverty and the blue tar road

To Dublin city fair we came in the year of '59
We camped on Lansdowne’s green valleys with others of our kind
But the Dublin Corporation good Christians to a man
They tore down our tents uprooted us and towed out our caravans


‘Twas here in Cherry Orchard where no cherry blossoms bloom
A forgotten man unwanted in dirt and muck and gloom
But the man above who died for love and nailed unto a tree
Oh wasn't he a travelling man the same as you and me

And some day in his own good time he will ease a traveller’s load
And we'll bid farewell to poverty and the blue tar road