The blind child, song

Jim and Charlie McGonigle (James Eoghain), singing in English
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They tell me father that tonight you wed another bride
That you have clasped her in your arms where my poor mother died
They say her name is Mary too the one my mother bore
But father she is kind and true like the one you loved before.

And are her footsteps soft and low her voice so sweet and mild
And father will she love me too your blind and helpless child
Oh father do not bid me come to meet your new made bride
I could not meet her in the room where my poor mother died.

The picture hanging on the wall her bible lying down
And there’s her harp her fingers touched and there’s her vacant chair
Their chair by which I used to kneel to say my evening prayers
Oh father do not bid me come I could not meet her there.

And when I’ve cried myself to sleep as now I often do
Into my chamber softly creep my new mother and you
You bid her press a gentle kiss upon my throbbing brow
Just as my own dear mamma did papa you’re crying now.

Now let me kneel down by your side and to the Saviour pray
That God’s right hand may lead you both o’er life’s long weary way
The prayer was murmured and she said I weary dad you know
I’m going to sleep with God above where my mother’s sleeping now.

He laid her gently on the bed and kissed her snow white brow
Her little hands were joined in prayer her face it was a glow
And as he moved to leave the room one joyful cry was given
He turned and caught the last sweet smile his blind child was in heaven.