The barber’s shop, song

James McDaid, singing in English
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Down in yon meadow in this neat little spot
Sure a barber he opened a snug little shop
He was so enticing his smiles was so sweet
That he said he coax people in of the street.
With a latherurm shavum ditherel du whack.

Sure a nice little shave for a penny he’d give
A nice little shave for to live and let live
But the razor he got was so full of itch and rust
It would warm all the jaws that ever came a trust.

Sure an Irish man happened to stray by the way
His beard had been growing for many a long day
He came into the barber shop threw down his hod
Saying will you shave me for the dear love of God.

Oh no said the barber we give none on trust
By heavens said Paddy for this time you must
For I haven’t got even a penny to pay
And I haven’t got a shave for this many a long day.

Come come said the barber sit down on this chair
And I’ll mow your rustly white beard to a hair
A broad leather strap he spread under Pat’s chin
With his old rusty razor the barber begun.

Arrah come come says Pat what the devil are you doing
Stop you oul thief or my jaws you will ruin
Am I going to sit to get shaved with a saw
Or stop or you pull every tooth in my jaw.

Come come said the barber no more of your din
I know you’ll be cut by the move of your chin
Arrah cut and be run the razor you’ve got
Sure she wouldn’t cut butter nor if it was hot.

Sure the barber shaved on not putting pat’s case
Til the tears like run down Paddy’s face
And when it was over says Pat it was a teaser
If it’s the love of God’s shave it’s the devil’s old razor.

Sure one day as pat he walked the highway
A donkey bawled out and he gave a loud roar
And the sound seemed to come from the barber shop door.

Ah listen says Pat to the vagabond there
Giving some other fella the love of God’s shave
He may lather and shave at his friends til he’s sick
For my part I’d rather get shaved with a brick.