Banna's banks, song

Caroline Brennan, singing in English & Irish
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Banna's banks, song (As down by Banna's Banks I strayed one evening in May …)

This 18th-century broadside ballad is more commonly known as “Molly Asthore.” Composition is credited to Wexford politician George Ogle (1739–1814). The protagonist of the song wanders by the shore (Co Kerry), thinking back on an estranged lover. 

Caroline Brennan learned this song from her grandmother.


Curator's note: Two short cuts were made in the recording, the first in the middle of the song, the second in the conversation at the end of the track. The purpose of these cuts was to remove the sound of the mic being hit and an associated spike in the volume of the track. In both cases, the hits happened when the track was otherwise silent.