The banks of sweet Dundee, song

Jimmy Houten, singing in English
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There were a farmer’s daughter she was beautiful I’m told
Her parents died and they left to her a large amount of gold
She stops with an uncle the cause of all her woe
And you shall hear how this fair maid caused her own o’er throw

Her uncle he had a ploughboy that Mary loved quite well
Twas in her uncle’s garden these tales of love did tell
There was a wealth squire young Mary for to see
But still she loved her ploughboy on the banks of sweet Dundee

Her uncle arose one morning and unto her he came
To Mary’s bedroom window and unto her he said
Arise arise my pretty maid a lady you shall be
The squire he’s waiting on you on the banks of sweet Dundee

I care not for your squire your dukes or lords likewise
My Willie’s eyes they appear to me like diamonds in the sky
Begone you unruly female for it’s happy you never will be
For I will banish your Willie from the banks of sweet Dundee

Her uncle and the squire they both roved out one day
Young Willis is her favourite her uncle he did say
Indeed it is my intention for to tie him to a tree
And then to bring the press gang to the banks of sweet Dundee

The press gang came to Willie when he was all alone
He boldly fought for liberty but then there were six to one
The blood ran down in torrents pray kill me then said he
For I will die for Mary on the banks of sweet Dundee

As Mary roved out one evening lamenting for her love
She met this wealthy squire down in her uncle’s grove
Stand off stand off cried Mary it’s happy you never will be
For you banished the only one I loved from the banks of sweet Dundee

He threw his arms around her and he tried to throw her down
A gun and broad sword she espied beneath his morning gown
She took the pistol from him and the sword she handled free
She fired and shot the squire on the banks of sweet Dundee

When her uncle he heard the great report he hastened to the grove
As you have shot the squire I’ll give you your death wound
Stand back stand back dear uncle for undaunted I won’t be
She fired and she shot her uncle on the banks of sweet Dundee

A doctor he was sent for a man of know skill
And likewise for a lawyer till he would sign the will
The uncle he willed the gold to Mary who fought so manfully
He closed his eyes no more to rise on the banks of sweet Dundee

Young Willie he was called for and quickly did return
When Mary saw her love again she quickly ceased to mourn
The day it was appointed they joined their hands so free
And now they live in pleasure on the banks of sweet Dundee

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