Ballyshannon Lane, song

Michael McGonigle (James Eoghain), singing in English
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In ‘96 as the moon did fix its beams over Scullabogue
And the twinkling stars and the planet Mars denoted where each rogue
Each Saxon there who bit the earth when Cromwell's crew were slain
When the yeomen fled and left their dead in Ballyshannon Lane.

I stopped for a while beside the stile near the graveyard of Courthoyle
That night in June when the silvery moon o'er each rebel's grave did sail
Scenes of ‘98 which I now relate flies through my youthful brain
And I prayed for the dead that through Raheen fled down Ballyshannon Lane.

I passed young Moore at the forge door where the brave boys forged the pike
That night being fine no rain or wind blew over hill or dyke
At Jack Keating’s gate where I chanced to wait my thoughts drive me insane
For the yeomen crew a youth they slew in Ballyshannon Lane.

My mother too God rest her soul she showed me where he fell
Out beyond the land where Doyle's house stands he fought so brave and well
And he chased his foes out beyond Kehoe’s and many’s a Hessian was slain
But fixed bayonets pressed to his brave young breast in Ballyshannon Lane.

On Keating's lawn at the morning dawn the barn was all a ablaze
There I grieve to tell my three uncles fell that's Martin John and James
And as my aunt Kate stood at the gate herself and child were slain
It’s there I pledged for to have revenge for Ballyshannon Lane.

This was the song my mother sang into my youthful ears
As down her cheeks for weeks and weeks rolled hot and scalding tears
My brother Mike he forged me a pike for to take the hills again
For Erin’s need I will fight or bleed for Ballyshannon Lane.