Another man’s wedding, song

Roseanne McGonigle (Gillespie), singing in English
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I happened to be at another man’s wedding
Everyone there had to sing a song
But who should be there but the bride’s first lover
And this is the song that she did sing

Many’s the man was away seven years long
Seven long years and returned home again
I’ve been away but the two years only
And false and unfaithful you had been

How can you eat at another man’s table
How can you drink of another man’s wine
How can you sleep in the arms of another
And you for so long a true lover of mine

The bride she sat at the head of the table
Every word he said she remarked it so well
For to stand it any longer she was not able
So down at her new groom’s feet she fell

Lift up your bride young man, I say to you
Don’t you see her lying down so low
God be with the times when she might have been my love
But now kind sir, she is all your own

He lifted her up in his arms so tenderly
He carried her out to the garden so green
With white sheets and pillows they wrapped them around her
But they never, ever brought her back to life again

So come all you young men who now go a courting
Pay kind attention now to me
You can always go a roving in the woods and the meadows
But never ever go between the bark and the tree

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