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Irish Traditional Step Dancing with Céline & Michael Tubridy

Irish Traditional Step Dancing with Céline & Michael Tubridy

In 1998 Brooks Academy published Michael Tubridy's A Selection of Irish Traditional Step Dances. The book used a unique notation system devised by Michael to describe step dances which he and his wife Céline had learned from dance masters Dan Furey (1910−1994) and James Keane (1917−2000). Both men, from Labasheeda, Co Clare, perpetuated an older style of traditional step dancing. Michael and Céline brought this local tradition to another generation through teaching in Ireland and abroad. In 2007 they released an instructional DVD Step Dancing with Céline and Michael Tubridy.

This video playlist presents the 8 individual dances from the DVD. They are played at normal dance tempo and also at a slower tempo for learning purposes. Individual steps are isolated and slowed to highlight certain phrases of the dance. Voice-over instructions can be heard from Michael and Céline throughout the videos. The accompanying soundtrack is from a CD released by Michael to accompany the afore-mentioned book.

In 2005 ITMA made a video recording of Céline dancing 'The Blackbird', accompanied by Michael on flute, at the Willie Clancy Summer School. This has been previously uploaded to the ITMA Online Collections and is available here. It is the most watched video on the ITMA YouTube channel with almost 50,000 views to date. 

ITMA would like to thank Michael and Céline Tubridy for their permission to publish this material on its website.

GT, TH & PH, 1 April 2016