The Góilín Song Project

The Góilín Song Project is an online microsite presenting the singers and the songs, in English and Irish, of the Góilín Club, a Dublin traditional singing institution that has been meeting socially in a variety of venues in the capital since 1979.

Some 700 audio recordings made at the Góilín since the early 1980s can be heard, supplemented with photographs, printed items, singer profiles and video interviews. This is an ongoing collaborative project of the Góilín and ITMA.

Although the Góilín Club has always centrally been about live traditional singing, some printed materials and photographs have been produced over the years as a byproduct of its activities. A selection of these are presented here, with thanks to their copyright holders for permission to reproduce them.

Special thanks to Róisín Gaffney and the Ó Raghallaigh Family.