Fr Pádruig Breathnach, Raint Amhrán 1–4, 1916–1917

Raint amhrán. Cuid a ceathair / An tAthair Pádruig Breathnach do chruinnigh agus do chóirigh

Raint Amhrán is the fourth of Fr Breathnach's penny songster series, its four numbers issued in 1916 and 1917 with the imprimatur of the Catholic church. It contains religious songs exclusively, which were intended for congregational singing. The booklets comprise religious verse by poets such as Tadhg Gaelach Ó Súilleabháin and Pádraig Denn set to traditional airs, and are the first of their kind.

For more information on the songbooks of Fr Pádruig Breathnach see here.


Raint Amhrán.  Cuid a haon

Raint Amhrán.  Cuid a dó

Raint Amhrán.  Cuid a trí

Raint Amhrán.  Cuid a ceathair