Ceol: A Journal of Irish Music. Volume 5

Ceol vol. 5, no 1, July 1981

p. 1Editorial on new attitude of Arts Council to traditional music
p. 2
– The first Irish song published / Breandán Breathnach
p. 4
– Shakespeare’s uilleann pipes. On a mistaken dating for the uilleann pipes / Nicholas Carolan
p. 9
– Paddy Coneely, the Galway piper. Extracts (1851 & 1901)
p. 10
– ‘I’ve got a girlfriend’. More children’s games from Dublin / Maév Bean Uí Ghallchóir
p. 14
– The man and his music. Johnny O’Leary, button accordion
p. 19
– The warpipes in Ireland 1 / Seán Donnelly
p. 25
– Hugh Beirne, piper / Pádraig de Brún
p. 26
– Reviews. D. O’Sullivan ed., Songs of the Irish (Cathal Goan); P. Tunney, The stone fiddle (Tom Munnelly); T. de Marco, M. Krassen, A trip to Sligo (John Kelly); S. O’Boyle, Ogham: the poets’ secret (Nicholas Carolan)

Ceol vol. 5, no 2, March 1982

p. 33Editorial on future plans for Ceol, tenth anniversary of Folk Music Society of Ireland, Martin Talty
p. 34
– Musicians in the diocese of Elphin in 1749 / Seán Donnelly
p. 36
– Wants employment. Extract (1791) advertising a piping butler / Pádraig de Brún
p. 37
– Another children’s game from Dublin / Maév Bean Uí Ghallchóir
p. 38
Dhá amhrán ó Neilí Ní Dhónaill 1 / Cathal Goan
p. 43
– Between the jigs and the reels. On an index of traditional dance tunes / Breandán Breathnach
p. 49
– Johnny Patterson / Breandán Breathnach
p. 50
– The man and his music. Séamus Ennis, uilleann pipes
p. 55
– The warpipes in Ireland 2 / Seán Donnelly
p. 60
– Reviews. P. Sky, A manual for the Irish uilleann pipes (Seán Donnelly). Record and booklet: Gráinne Yeats, Féile na gcruitirí Béal Feirste 1782 (C. Ui E.) [Caitlín Uí Éigeartaigh]. T. Moylan ed., Ceol an phíobaire; E. O’Doherty, The northern fiddler (Breandán Breathnach)