Ceol: A Journal of Irish Music. Volume 1

Ceol Vol. 1, no 1, Summer 1963

p. 3 – Nóiseanna nua? The nature of Irish traditional music, attitudes to its future / C. D.
p. 5 – Cé hiad fein? Photograph of uilleann pipers c. 1900
p. 6 – Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann. The foundation, aims and progress of the organisation / Thomas P. Dempsey
p. 9 – ‘The lamentation on the price of the pig’. Song
p. 11 – The tunes of the Munster poets 1. The melodies to which popular poetry in Irish was written / Proinsias Ó Ceallaigh
p. 13 – A challenge to Irish pipers. Extract (1904) on adjudication of uilleann piping contests
p. 14 – ‘Máire Dheoise’. Song / Breandán Breathnach
p. 17– Dance music: gleanings from [the Goodman] manuscripts / Breandán Breathnach
p. 20 – As we see it. Editorial on Radio Éireann programmes of traditional music and Ceoltóirí Chualann

Ceol Vol. 1, no 2, Autumn 1963

p. 3 – Donnybrook to Mullingar. The 1963 All-Ireland Fleadh Cheoil / Eamonn Stapleton
p. 5 – Another Tudor gift? The harp on Irish coinage / B. M.
p. 6 – A Scottish and an Irish ballad from Co. Derry / Hugh Shields
p. 10 – The downfall of Paris? Extract (1797) on a piper and political tunes
p. 11 – The man and his music. Sonny Brogan, button accordion / Breandán Breathnach
p. 17 – Cé hiad féin? Identification of pipers in vol 1, no 1, p. 5 and photograph of Felix Doran, uilleann piper
p. 18– Authority in Irish music. The need for authoritative scholarship / Colm Ó Lochlainn
p. 22 – The authorities on Irish music. Extract (1916) on arrest of uilleann piper
p. 23 – The tunes of the Munster poets 2 / Proinsias Ó Ceallaigh
p. 24 – Music and language. Extract (1816) on piping battle-pieces
p. 25 – ‘Mo róis bheag dhubh’. Song / Peadar Ó Dubhda
p. 26 – Reviews. Daithí Ó Ríseach and Donnchadh Mac Suibhne, The Ros na Rí collection (Proinsias Ó Ceallaigh); Francis O’Neill, The dance music of Ireland (Breandán Breathnach)
p. 29 – Correspondence. Máirtin Ó Cadhain Language or music, attack on article by Thomas P. Dempsey in vol. 1, no 1, p. 6: Reply by Thomas P. Dempsey.
p. 31 – As we see it. Editorial on the 1963 All-Ireland Fleadh Cheoil, Ceoltóirí Chualann, booklet on Westmeath music
p. 33 – Was Verdi not Italian, nor Bach German? Extract (1766) on Irish taste for Italian music.
p. 34 – As they saw us. Newspaper reaction to Ceol Vol. 1, no. 1

Ceol Vol. 1, no 3, Winter 1963

p. 3 – Country airs and graces. Traditional music on radio and television / Eamonn Stapleton
p. 4 – The memory of the dead. Extract (1917) on Dinny Delaney, uilleann piper / Éamonn de Bhall
p. 5 – A latter-day pastourelle: ‘The factory girl’ / Hugh Shields
p. 10 – An sean-nós. Extract (1724) on Irish singing style
p. 11 – Cormac Ó Ceallaigh. Maker of the Downhill harp of 1702 / Breandán Breathnach
p. 12 – ‘As I roved out’. Song / Séamas Mac Gabhna
p. 14 – The man and his music. John Egan, flute / Breandán Breathnach
p. 18 – An ceol agus an Ghaeilge (1). Traditional music in the Report of the Commission on the Revival of the Irish Language (1983) / Breandán Breathnach
p. 20 – An leagan dúchasach ar an scéal. Extract (1697) on the piper as the Devil's agent
p. 21 – The tunes of the Munster poets 3 / Proinsias Ó Ceallaigh
p. 23 – Review. Breandán Breathnach, Ceol rince na hÉireann (A.J. B.) [Alan James Bruford]
p. 25 – Correspondence. Seán Ó Maoilbhríde, Purists or puritans on the Mullingar and Kilrush fleadhanna ceoil: Alan Bruford, Folk music and the composer
p. 27 – The social round in the 17th century. Extract (1681) on traditional dancing
p. 28 – As we see it. Editorial on Radio Éireann and traditional music, Ceol and traditional music, a tourist film's failure to use Irish music

Ceol Vol. 1, no 4, 1964

p. 3 – The image of Ireland. On Derricke's woodcuts of 1581 / Breandán Breathnach
p. 4 – Four songs from Glendalough / Hugh Shields
p. 14 – Recipe for reconstitution. Extract (1826) on eighteenth-century music and dancing
p. 15 – Shakespeare: folk music and culture. Irish and other music in Shakespeare / H.S. Corran
p. 16 – Ullan, uilleann, union? Extract (1786) on proper term for the uilleann pipes
p. 17 – David and his harp. Illustration from ninth-century reliquary / B. M.
p. 17 – An appeal to our readers. For contributions to a tape library of traditional music
p. 18 – The tunes of the Munster poets 4 / Proinsias Ó Ceallaigh
p. 22 – An ceol agus an Ghaeilge 2 / Breandán Breathnach
p. 24 – The man and his music. John Kelly, fiddle / Breandán Breathnach
p. 28 – Correspondence. Anthony Hughes, Authority in Irish music; Dick Murphy, As I roved out. Offaly title for this air
p. 29 – Reviews. Francis O'Neill, O'Neill's music of Ireland (Breandán Breathnach); Fonn: bulletin of Newry branch of Comhaltas Ceoltóirí (Breandán Breathnach). Record, Agie White [Aggie Whyte]
p. 30 – Nicholas Markey. Photograph and biographical note on uilleann piper
p. 31 – As we see it. Editorial on intentions and progress of Ceol, on fleadhanna ceoil