Fr Pádruig Breathnach, An Smólach & An Chéirseach, 1926

An smólach agus An chéirseach : dornán ceóil le haghaidh páistí scoile / An tAthair Pádruig Breathnach do chuir in n-eagar

Fr Breathnach ended his publishing career in 1926 as he had begun it in 1904: with the editing of cheap songsters in Irish for schoolchildren. Their melody lines harmonised in two or three parts by Annie W. Patterson, these balanced the three concurrent harmonised numbers in English of the Music of the Gael series. As the Free State settled down to nation building, bilingual national song provision had now been made by Breathnach, Patterson and their publishers for every level of current practice, educational and social, solo and ensemble, vocal and instrumental. A puzzle remains: although a third number of this series entitled An Fuiseoigín was advertised, no copy has been found in any collection. Was it ever issued? Is it a ghost publication?

For more information on the songbooks of Fr Pádruig Breathnach see here.


An smólach : dornán ceóil le haghaidh páistí scoile

An chéirseach : dornán ceóil le haghaidh páistí scoile