1916 & the Decade of Centenaries: A Soundscape

1916 & the Decade of Centenaries: A Soundscape

Now playing: God save Ireland / Walter McNally
  1. God save Ireland / Walter McNally
  2. Ó ró sé do bheatha ‘bhaile / Denis Cox
  3. O’Donnell abú / Ridgely’s 69th Regiment Band
  4. The Dublin Brigade / Joseph Maguire
  5. A nation once again / Peter Dawson
  6. Wearing of the green ; Cork hornpipe / 1st Battalion H.M. Irish Guards
  7. The foggy dew / Jim Dwyer
  8. Down by the glenside / Delia Murphy
  9. Sean bhean bhocht, song / Shaun O’Nolan
  10. Untitled hornpipe ; Untitled hornpipe / James Byrne
  11. The Dublin fusiliers / Thornton and Earls
  12. Turas go Tír na nÓg / Thomas O’Moore
  13. International echoes / John J. Kimmel
  14. Thomas MacDonagh’s court-martial speech (1916) / Paul Farrell
  15. Wrap the green flag round me boys / Dennis McCarthy
  16. Macushla / John McCormack
  17. An spailpín fánach / Padraig O’Neill
  18. An buachaill caol dubh / Treasa Ní Ailpín
  19. The pride of Petravore / Michael Gus O’Keefe
  20. Ireland over all / Jack Healy
  21. An chúilfhionn / Cissie O’Byrne
  22. The Munster gimlet / Patsy Touhey
  23. Padraic the fiddler / John McCormack ; Fritz Kreisler
  24. Inniskilling dragoon / Richard Hayward
  25. The low-back’d car / Walter van Brunt
  26. Mother machree / Charles d’Almaine, violin

1916 & the Decade of Centenaries: A Soundscape

This audio playlist has been curated by Irish Traditional Music Archive staff to provide a soundscape to the Decade of Centenaries. The selection reflects material of contemporary political, cultural and popular interest and is drawn from recordings held in the ITMA collections. The songs, music and speech come from wax cylinder and 78 rpm disc recordings, ranging in date from 1905−c.1940, which have been digitised by ITMA, and in the case of the wax cylinders by Henri Chamoux. They were originally recorded in Ireland, London and New York by early recording pioneers, the majority issued by commercial recording companies. 

The recordings provide a backdrop to a changing Ireland: the Gaelic League and the Irish-language revival, the First World War, the 1916 Rising, and Irish and international popular music of the day, including the first wave of popular Irish-American vaudeville instrumentalists.

We drew inspiration from printed resources (see Printed Collections February 2016) as well as the Irish Military Archives' Bureau of Military History Collection, 1913−1921. The witness statements are a rich source of information on songs, fundraising concerts, marching bands and individual musicians and singers of the period. Recordings made in Germany in 1917 of Irish prisoners of war are also an extremely valuable contemporary resource. Held in the Sound Archive of Humboldt University Berlin, these have been digitised and are poignantly described in an Irish Times article by Derek Scally and Ronan McGreevy available here.

You will find more information about each recording in the playlist by selecting the arrow key to the right of each title. This will bring you to the individual page for this audio piece. Here you will find composer names, recording labels, etc. which we have been able to source. Where possible we have linked to printed versions of the sound recordings which you can also view online.

This playlist is a sampler of the many sound recordings held in ITMA which reference events during the Decade of Centenaries. ITMA will continue to catalogue and highlight historical recordings while also documenting responses to the events of 1916 in 1966 and 2016.

GT, DD, BD & AW, 1 April 2016