Concertina Players in Co Clare, 2003–2009

Concertina Players in Co Clare, 2003–2009

Now playing: The stack of rye, hornpipe ; Caisleán an óir, hornpipe / Lorraine O’Brien, concertina
  1. The stack of rye, hornpipe ; Caisleán an óir, hornpipe / Lorraine O’Brien, concertina
  2. Winnie Hayes’ jig ; Welcome home Gráinne, jig / Hugh Healy, concertina
  3. The heathery breeze, reel ; and other reels / Tom Carey, concertina, & others
  4. The concert reel ; The hare’s paw, reel / Kitty Hayes, concertina
  5. The Kerry reel ; The morning star, reel / Mary-Ellen Curtin, concertina
  6. Katie’s fancy, jig, & other jigs / Chris Droney, concertina, & others
  7. Untitled, march ; The battle of Aughrim, march / Marty O’Keefe, concertina

Concertina Players in Co Clare, 2003–2009

While different kinds of concertinas have been played traditionally throughout Ireland since the mid-19th century, the musicians of Co Clare seem to have had a particular affinity for the instrument and many of its leading contemporary traditional players hail from that county.

Not surprisingly therefore, the concertina is a featured instrument at the premier summer school for Irish traditional music, the Willie Clancy Summer School held annually in Miltown Malbay, Co Clare. Ever since the School was established in 1973, recitals, lectures, workshops and classes have been regularly given there on the concertina.

The Irish Traditional Music Archive has been field-recording annually at the WCSS since 1993, soon after its own establishment, in cooperation with the directors of the School, and its audio and video recordings documenting the School are accessible on a reference basis for listening and study within the ITMA premises.

This following selection of ITMA recordings of concertina players performing at recitals of the School over recent years in Halla an Phobail, Miltown Malbay, indicates something of the range of material available from players young and old.

ITMA gratefully acknowledges the kind permission of the players (or their families) who have allowed their individual recordings to be made freely available for listening here; the help of Ted McGraw, Angela Connaughton, Joe Rynne and Muiris Ó Rócháin with this presentation; and the cooperation of the directors of the WCSS in the making of these recordings.

NC & DD, 1 June 2009