Old Irish Folk Music & Songs

Old Irish Folk Music and Songs

Old Irish Folk Music and Songs: A Collection of 842 Irish Airs and Songs Hitherto Unpublished, ed. Patrick Weston Joyce (Dublin: 1st ed. 1909)

Old Irish Folk Music and Songs is Joyce’s magnum opus in Irish music. It includes the melodies of songs (some with words in English) and a variety of dance tunes.  About half come from  Joyce’s musical memories of his childhood in rural Co Limerick during the years before the Great Famine. The remainder are drawn from the then unpublished music manuscripts of the collectors William Forde and John Edward Pigot, which had been given to Joyce by the Pigot family (see Nicholas Carolan, ‘The Forde-Pigot Collection of Irish Traditional Music’ in Treasures of the Royal Irish Academy Library, Bernadette Cunningham, Siobhán Fitzpatrick, Petra Schnabel eds, Dublin 2009, pp. 256–67).

NC, TH & JS, 23 April 2013 (701–842)

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