Postcards, early 1900s


Since the 19th century, Irish postcards have carried representations of Irish social life and symbols of national identity, and this process increased with the rise of national feeling in the early 20th century. Symbols of identity have frequently been musical. The national instrument of the harp, in various forms, has been particularly prominent. Also to the fore have been the uilleann pipes (the Irish form of bellows-blown bagpipes) and traditional dance.

The Irish Traditional Music Archive accordingly collects Irish musical postcards (which are normally undated) of all periods as representing aspects of Irish traditional music. It presents here a selection of these cards.

With thanks to postcard donors the Breathnach Family and Matt Murtagh. ITMA always welcomes such donations or the opportunity to copy such materials.

NC, 1 October 2008

Postcards, early 1900s