Newly Discovered Photographs of PW Joyce


The Limerick-born music collector, historian, and educationalist PW Joyce (1827–1914), in spite of his very many publications, generally has only been represented by one undated photograph. Showing him in his prime, it is presumably one that he commissioned and approved for use. It was widely reproduced during his own life time. 

PW Joyce, collector / Unidentified photographer
Patrick Weston Joyce (CID158)

In 2013, a second undated Joyce photograph was donated to ITMA by his great-nephew Robert Dwyer Joyce of Dublin; it shows PW Joyce with his wife Caroline at a family meal.

PW Joyce and his wife at lunch / Unidentified photographer

Patrick Weston & Caroline Joyce at lunch (CID18219; Image courtesy of Robert Dwyer Joyce)

Another six photographs of PW Joyce, mostly taken at festive family gatherings in his home at Lyre-na-Grena, Leinster Road, Rathmines, have now been donated to ITMA by actor and singer Éamonn Hunt. They are all dated and are reproduced here in chronological order, ranging from 1896 to 1911. They show a solid prosperous Dublin middle-class family at the end of the Victorian era. At least one was taken by Joyce’s son, Weston St John Joyce, an author and keen photographer. Another proves to be the source for the photograph of Joyce and his wife received earlier from Robert Dwyer Joyce. The final photograph shows an elderly Joyce by himself in 1911, seemingly at 18 Leinster Road West. Joyce moved to the new address, where he was cared for by servants, after the death of his wife and the dispersal of his family.

Éamonn Hunt stumbled upon the photographs about 17 years ago. Although he did not recognise the subjects, he knew that the photographs were of historical interest and preserved them. After ITMA mounted its PW Joyce Microsite, Éamonn identified Joyce from his official photograph, contacted ITMA, and kindly donated his photographs for public use. The many other photographs discovered in the cache have been returned to the Joyce family.


Nicholas Carolan, Treasa Harkin, Rebecca Draisey-Collishaw

31 May 2018


Éamonn Hunt

Newly Discovered Photographs of PW Joyce