Within a Mile of Dublin 2: The Goodman Collection

Time: 13:00 GMT Date: Thursday 22 November 2018 Venue: 73 Merrion Square, Dublin 2 Event Over

Within a Mile of Dublin: Songs and Tunes Live from ITMA is a 3-part live radio broadcast from the history-rich surrounds of our Georgian premises on Merrion Square. Join ITMA and NearFM for a series of a performances and interviews that focus on bringing the archival collections at ITMA to life.

Transcription of “Within a Mile of Dublin.”

The first broadcast of the Within a Mile of Dublin 2 series focuses on the Goodman Collection, bringing together conversation, song, and music to show how the work of a 19th-century collector continues to shape the practices of musicians in the 21st century.


  • Miriam O'Donovan, singer
  • Mick O'Brien, pipes
  • Lisa Shields, speaker

The collection

James Goodman (1828–1896), a native of Dingle, Co. Kerry, was a Canon of the Church of Ireland and Professor of Irish in Trinity College Dublin. He is now chiefly known as the compiler of an outstanding manuscript collection of more than 2,300 tunes held in the Library of the College. The tunes were partly “taken down by myself as I heard them played by Irish pipers &c.” and partly drawn by him from manuscript and printed sources. Goodman grew up in an Irish-speaking environment, sang and danced, is said to have played the flute, and later became an accomplished player of the Irish, or uilleann, pipes. His music collection was completed in the 1860s when he was ministering in Ardgroom in West Cork. The material in this manuscript collection provides musicians and scholars, of the present day, with a unique body of Irish music from the south-west region, and gives unrivalled insights into the traditional music and song of Irish-speaking pre-Famine Ireland.

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This broadcast and performance is brought to you as part of Explore Your Archive 2018. Sponsored by the Archives & Records Association of Ireland and the UK, this campaign aims to open the phenomenal archival collections held by organisations—public and private—across the UK and Ireland, whatever their size and scale, and wherever they are.

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