Old Stories, New Sounds: A Heritage Week Event at ITMA

Time: 14:00 GMT Date: Wednesday 22 August 2018 Venue: Irish Traditional Music Archive, 73 Merrion Square South, Dublin 2, DO2 WK75 Event Over

A live concert, interviews and audiovisual presentation celebrating the restoration of four unique traditional music instruments from the ITMA Collection.

201808 Heritage Week Concert
Box fiddle, just one of the instruments that will feature in performance at 'Old Stories, New Sounds.'

ITMA holds the largest multimedia collection dedicated to Irish traditional music, including a number of interesting instruments—instruments with a story. Our Heritage Week event is the culmination of a wonderful journey: delving into the history of a box fiddle, a hammer dulcimer, a melodeon, and a walking stick flute; working with some of Ireland's finest instrument repairers; and finally unlocking their sounds for a new generation. The live concert happens in 73 Merrion Square.