Lisa O'Neill Drawing from the Well

Time: 20:00 GMT Date: Wednesday 24 November 2021 Venue: Online: ITMA website, Facebook, YouTube and IGTV Event Over


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Lisa O'Neill, ITMA, 2021

Drawing from the Well continues in November with singer Lisa O'Neill on ARTHUR GRIFFITH - A BALLAD HISTORY OF IRELAND.

A ballad history is welcome to childhood from its rhymes, its higher colouring and its aptness to memory. As we grow into boyhood and girlhood, the violent passions, the vague hopes, the romantic sorrow of patriot ballads are in tune with our fitful and luxuriant feelings. In adulthood, we prize the dense narrative, the grave firmness, the critical and the political way of ballads. And in old age, they are doubly dear; the companions and reminders of our life, the toys and teachers of our children and grandchildren. Every generation finds its account in them. They pass from mouth to mouth like salutations; even the minds which loose their words are under their influence, as one can recall the starry heavens who cannot revive the form of a single constellation

- Arthur Griffith, The United Irishman, 02 Jan 1904

Lisa's video premieres online on Wednesday 24 November 2021, at 8 pm (Irish time) on ITMA website, Facebook, YouTube and IGTV.


Over the years Lisa O'Neill has quietly built a reputation for herself on the Irish and international scenes and now has a growing following with her unique folk sound, strong song-writing and distinctive voice. Her debut release ‘Has an Album’ was followed in 2013 by Choice-nominated ‘Same Cloth Or Not’. Her third album ‘Pothole in the Sky’ was released to critical acclaim and is filled with tension and emotion, contextualising themes of love, loss, heartache and sorrow today through referencing tales from the past with beauty, honesty and defiance. Lisa’s last release on the Rough Trade imprint River Lea, ‘Heard A Long Gone Song’ has garnered huge acclaim both at home and abroad. It was Choice Nominated has a 5/5 star review from the Guardian on release and a coveted ‘Best Folk Album of 2019’ from the same publication. She was also been nominated in 4 categories at the 2019 UK Folk awards and 5 categories at the 2019 Irish Folk awards, winning one for best original folk song. Late last year Lisa signed a new album deal with Rough Trade and is currently working on new material for that album.

“At a time when sameness threatens to drain the world of charm and surprise, Lisa O’Neill stands tall for difference, as an outlier with a mission to frame the world as she sees it and to perform it accordingly. Her voice is her own. No small achievement.” The Irish Times

“Uncompromising, stunning, soul-shaking stuff.” The Guardian’s Folk Album of the Year

“Magnificent… about as far from safe as it’s possible to get. A special talent indeed.” 9/10 – Hot Press

“An album that is truly monumental.” The Irish Herald

“This is as beautiful as it gets.” – The Irish Times -- -- -- --

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