Heritage Week Exhibition 2017

Viewing Times: 19 — 26 August 2017  Venue: 73 Merrion Square, Dublin 2 Event Over

An Eclectic Collection: posters, flyers, tickets, medals and merchandise from the world of Irish traditional music.


ITMA not only collects sound recordings, books and images but also thousands of event flyers, posters, and small artefacts from events around the country. Known in the archival world as 'ephemera', they provide in many cases the only 'documented' record of concerts, local sessions, and the life and times of musicians and bands. 

In 2017 ITMA received funding from the Heritage Council to ensure these vital documents are preserved for future generations to enjoy, browse and research. With the grant received, we selected our poster collection for archival storage and engaged volunteers in sort-a-thons to help.

So in 2017, our Heritage Week exhibition is a celebration of the Ephemera Collection. It is also a reminder to all concert goers and event organisers that a vital element of the story of Irish traditional music is literally in your hands. So as you print the poster or flyer, or think of recycling that concert ticket ... think of ITMA and how we can use that small item to tell the bigger story. 

The exhibition is free, open to the public and runs 19-26 August 2017 in 73 Merrion Square.