Young Fleming’s bride, song

Jimmy Houten, singing in English
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Young Mary looked so beautiful she was young Fleming's bride
Their family dwelled in Newry town being on the Armagh side
Young Mary and Willie Flemings being in their tender youth
When love had sprung between these both all in their blooming youth.

Their parents died when they were young and they were homeless cast
The lord on high that rules the sky and calms the stormy blast
A friendless man took pity on them would not see these orphans roam
This neighbour man took pity on them and took these orphans home.

Contented did this couple live and in sweet love confined
They never knew the want of friends until this old man died
And when it was this couples fate that parted they should be
Young Mary went to service and young Willie went to sea.

It’s when they were about to part they cut a ring a two
And each of them they took one half then vowed they would be true
Oh true to love and liberty whatever should be their fate
And they would keep their promise and remain in single state.

Well months rolled into years then and years went passing by
And Willie not returning sure her faith began to die
She was courted by a farmer's son that gained her will in hand
Perhaps your love he may be dead all in some foreign land.

In battle and in breezes this seaman he did roam
'Til at length he got an order for to steer his ship for home
Young Willy's vessel sprung a leak he brought them safe to shore
So comrades come along with me 'til you see her I adore.

As Willy walked the well-known road to the cottage he drew near
Enlighted of the music there just nearly filled his ears
Young Willy being the first dashed in to there behold his bride
Young Mary sat in bridal white with her husband by her side.

Oh Mary dear have you proved false his lips did sigh and moan
And turning to his flashing eyes she fainted like a stone
Oh Mary's husband he arose at Willy aimed a blow
But Willy picked up courage and he left him lying low.

Young Willy broken-hearted lost the girl he did adore
And never more in all his life he was seen on Newry's shore.