The year of seventy one, song

Jim McGonigle (James Eoghain), singing in English
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On the third of the first in seventy one
I’ll tell yous a tale how that year begun
When Bob Mack and auld Mickey they went down to Mass
Bt coming up at Maggie’s his old tractor would not pass

Says Bob Mack to auld Mickey that’s as far as she’ll go
For you cannot change force of habit you know
Sure I will not force her or I’ll not even try
For I had a couple last night and I feel very dry

These two braves they went in to celebrate the new year
They started away with a half and a beer
They had one they had two and the fun it went fine
And Broad Shoulders wasn’t dry when Maggie called time

It was then they got out and they got on their way
Not knowing misfortune it waited that day
For coming up at Felimidh’s Mick was going too hard
Cut the corner too sharp and he headed for Ard

Oh he mounted the ditch and came down with a plump
And auld Mickey fell out on the road with a thump
But Broad Shoulders went on thinking everything was fine
Not knowing his auld partner was half unconscious behind

He went on round the bridge like everything was alright
But the tractor she knew that her load it got light
They went out over Ard and past Neil Noone’s they did roll
Till they met with wee Coady who was out for a stroll

Sure  Broad Shoulders pulled up he stopped for the crack
Still not knowing auld Mickey was gone from the back
Says he I can drink I can booze I can go anywhere
But I always take home this auld grey mare

Now you all know wee Coady he takes everything cool
He says unto Mickey I know you’re no fool
But I’ll tell you know thing it won’t cost you a dime
You took home your tractor left auld Mickey behind

Then Broad Shoulders was shocked as he turned about
A car it pulled up and auld Mickey crawled out
His face was all muck and his clothes were all torn
Aya and Droll in his hayday wouldn’t have stood anymore

Well he crawled up to Mickey then and this he did say
I won’t be see on that auld tractor for many’s a long day
I will join up with Paisley or some regiment
Before I go out with you to repent

Now hold on there auld Mickey don’t take it to heart
For I kept talking to you all the way up Ard
And getting no answer sure I still hadn’t known
That you’re lying there at Billie’s and suffering alone

Now you all who have tractors and go out for the fun
Make sure that your passenger they are well roped on
Don’t stay in the Shamrock till Maggie calls time
Or you’ll go home like Broad Shoulders and leave your partner behind